Highmark Farm

Established 2000 - Bradford, ON

Phone: 9057260443

Address: 4062 line 10 Bradford, Ontario L3Z 3L5
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Hello! We are a small mixed farm just north of Toronto where we raise beef, lamb, goats and have a small flock of hens that provide free run eggs. On our hundred acres we grow the feed for our animals and vegetables for our markets. We are growers and perveyors of fresh vegetables grown localy and sustainably. Ours are the freshest and most unique produce that are 'not found in local shops'.

In the winter months we source Ontario's best produce from local farmer's storage facilities and local year-round greenhouse farmers. Also, in winter, we bring quality produce from select farmers south of the border.

Further, we promote and carry quality, small batch artisinal food products produced locally with local produce.

We have been selling at farmer's markets for many years and have enjoyed the exchange of friendships, ideas, good food and the sense of community that comes from this type of service. It is our hope that the ' farmer's markets' continue to be appreciated as essential food hubs. They are important if not essential community centric events. It is our honor to participate in community farmer's markets as they provide security, stability, a sense of belonging and joy to the neighborhoods that host them.

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