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Established - Barrie , Ontario

Phone: 7057960255

Address: 16 Ridgeway Ave, Barrie, Ontario L4N 5L2
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Website: www.terrysuniquehotsauce.ca

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Where did it all start?

My love of chicken wings is the primary reason that I decided to develop my recipe.

It all started a bout 35 years ago. Our family would frequently travel to Buffalo to go shopping and skiing. We had to eat, and would stop for lunch at several different restaurants in the area. I usually ordered the Buffalo chicken wings because you couldn’t get wings in Canada. I would ask the servers if I could have their recipe, explaining that we were from Canada and that we couldn’t get chicken wings. People held their recipes close to their chest, no-one was willing to share their secrets with me. Nevertheless, over the years I discovered enough ingredients to develop my own recipe. Since then wings have arrived in Canada, but not quite as good as the ones I could find in Buffalo.

In 2016, a local restaurant was opening and the owner was asking for some local input. I said that I made an amazing hot sauce. The owners tried it and LOVED it. They asked me if I could supply the restaurant with hot sauce. Their customers kept on asking their servers if they could buy some of their hot sauce. When my wife and I heard this from the owners, we decided to manufacture our sauces and make them available to the public.

We now supply many restaurants and shops in Barrie and surrounding areas. We can be found at local markets and events happening in Ontario.


Terry Williams

Terry’s Unique Hot Sauceanada.

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